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Replacement for Whirlpool Washer Pump 3363394 $11.25 Free Shipping
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Replacement for Whirlpool Washer Pump 3363394 $11.25 Free Shipping
Item ID: ER3363394
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Replacement for Whirlpool washing machine pump part number 3363394.  Suitable for hundreds of models and several makes. 


  • Admiral Washing Machines
  • Amana Washing Machines
  • Crosley Washing Machines
  • Estate Washing Machines
  • Frigidaire Washing Machines
  • G.E Washing Machines
  • Inglis Washing Machines
  • Kenmore Washer/Dryer Combos
  • Kenmore Washing Machines
  • Kirkland Signature Series
  • KitchenAid Washer/Dryer Combos
  • KitchenAid Washing Machines
  • Magic Chef Washing Machines
  • Maytag Washing Machines
  • Roper Washer/Dryer Combos
  • Roper Washing Machines
  • Whirlpool Washer/Dryer Combos
  • Whirlpool Washing Machines


  • 3363394
  • ER3363394
  • AIR3363394
  • 3348015
  • 3352492
  • 3348015
  • 62516
  • 63347
  • 64076
  • LP116
  • and others. 
This is an after-market part  which holds the same quality as the original Whirlpool part with a much more affordable price tag. 
Why pay full price for "Brand Name" when you can have the same quality from "Exact Replacement Parts". We have been selling ERP parts for years and we stand by them for quality and price.

Fits in Models:

  • LBR5432PQ0
  • LSQ9549PG0
  • LSQ9549PW0
  • LSQ9549PW11
  • LSR7010PQ1
  • LSR7300PQ0
  • LSR7300PQ1
  • 1CLBR5432PQ0
  • 1CLSQ9549PG0
  • 1CLSQ9549PW0
  • CLSQ9549PW11
  • CLSR7010PQ1
  • 1CLSR7300PQ0
  • 1CLSR7300PQ1


How to install A Washer Pump 3363394
1. Safety first! UNPLUG the washer!
2. Remove the two screws that secure the top console to the washer. Sometimes these screws are obvious but sometimes you will need to slide off the console end caps to reveal them. On newer models you may find the screws on the back of the console.
3. Lift up the console and let it hang backwards.
4. There are two clips that hold the cabinet to the back of the washer. Use a heavy flat blade screwdriver to push down and pry up the clips to release them.
5. Unplug the lid switch.
6. Put your hands on the back top of the cabinet and lift it up tilting it forward. Note how the cabinet bottom is attached to the base so you can make sure when you reinstall the cabinet you hit these marks.
7. Remove the clamps that secure the two hoses to the pump.
8. Pry the clips off that hold the pump secure and slide it off the motor shaft.

9. Reverse the process to reinstall the new pump. CAUTION; if the old pump has been leaking the motor shaft will be corroded. Use emery cloth or sandpaper to clean all rust and corrosion off the motor shaft. Next apply some oil or grease before sliding the new pump on the motor shaft. If you force the shaft into the pump you could damage the pump and causing a leak.

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