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720-079 Universal Models-Intermittent Pilot $89.50 Free Shipping Direct Spark and Hot Surface
720-079 Universal Models-Intermittent Pilot $89.50 Free Shipping Direct Spark and Hot Surface
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720-079 Universal Models-Intermittent Pilot $89.50 Free Shipping Direct Spark and Hot Surface
Item ID:720-079
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Universal Models-Intermittent Pilot, Direct Spark and Hot Surface

The 720 Series Valves (7200 IPER) are designed for intermittent pilot ignition applications. The 720 IPER Series Valve incorporates a manual valve, pilot valve, dual automatic valves (2), and a main gas pressure regulator. Uni-Kits are factory-set at the 3.5" W.C. for natural gas, but can be converted to L.P. by installing the regulator conversion kit included. The 720 Series Valves are designed for many residential applications such as central heating units, space heaters, wall heaters, boilers, and mobile home furnaces. The 720 series valve has a compact swing radius of only 3-9/16" to enable it to fit a wide range of OEM replacement applications. It also has all the wiring connections, manual selector, and adjustments readily available on top of the control. To prevent unsafe attempts at repair, special screws are used and replacement parts are NOT available.

1751-016 to convert 720 valves to L.P. 1751-018 to convert 720 valves to natural. 1751-019 to convert 720 step opening valves to L.P.

  • 1,000 Btu/Cu. Ft. 0.64 sp. gr. natural gas, or 2,500 Btu/Cu./Ft. sp. gr. L.P. gas @ 1" W.C. pd (except for No. 720-082).
  • Straight thru (except for No. 720-082).
  • Type of Gas: Natural for No. 720-082.
  • Pressure regulator settings Lo-Fire 1.3" W.C. & Hi-Fire 3.5" W.C. for No. 720-082.

Electrical rating 24VAC 50/60 Hz .45 amp.
Power consumption 5 watts
N.E.C. class 2
Terminal connections 1/4" and 3/16" quick-connect
Pilot outlet 1/4" tubing
Ambient temperature 40 to 175F max.
Maximum inlet pressure 14" W.C. (1/2 PSI)
Pressure regulator setting see ordering chart

Factory model 7200IPER
Inlet Size 1/2"
3 position outlet straight-thru (FPT)  
3 position outlet side (FPT) with plugs  
Pressure regulator setting Uni-Kit
Capacity 150,000
Reducer bushings included (NPT) 3/4" x 1/2"  
Reducer bushings included (NPT) 1/2" x 3/8"  
Capillary Length  
Pipe Size Inlet / Outlet  
Temperature Range  
Description Universal Models-Intermittent Pilot, Direct Spark and Hot Surface
Replacement for Valve No.  
Outlet Size 3/4"
Reducer Bushing (NPT)  
Side Outlets  
Block Color  
Type of Gas  
Pressure Sensitive Setting  
Wall Thermostat  
Gas Valve  
Pressure Regulation Setting Hi-Fire  
Pressure Regulation Setting Lo-Fire

Manufacturer Name Part Number Repl. Type Notes
  511-044-381 Functional
AMANA 71D01B002 Functional
AMANA C6423501 Functional
AMANA C64235-01 Functional
ARKLA (SERVEL INC) 15691-497 Functional
ARKLA (SERVEL INC) 15691-498 Functional
ARMSTRONG 36449B1 Functional
ARMSTRONG 36449B2 Functional
ARMSTRONG 71F11A000 Functional
BAXTER MFG. 71F11A010 Functional
BRADFORD-WHITE 36071-02 Functional
BRADFORD-WHITE 71C11C007 Functional
BRADFORD-WHITE 71F11C013 Functional
BRADFORD-WHITE 71F11C013 Functional
BRADFORD-WHITE 71F11C013 Functional
CARRIER/AIR COND.CO. EF32C5194 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 59776A Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
CLEVELAND/RANGE 7D1D5B029 Functional
COX 1100-260 Functional
DEAN 71B11C018 Functional
ENERCO 71P11A016 Functional
ENERCO 71P11C018 Functional
EQUIPMENT MFG CORP 71M11A010 Functional
EVCON AIR PRO 65A142161 Functional
EVCON AIR PRO 670-368 Functional
FIREPLACE MANUFAC 14208 Functional
FIREPLACE MANUFAC 71V11A000 Functional
FRYMASTER 71B11A003 Functional
FRYMASTER 8071309 Functional
FRYMASTER 810-0457 Functional
FRYMASTER 810-0464 Functional
HEAT CONTROLLERS INC 20691-011 Functional
HEATILATOR 13885A Functional
HEATILATOR 71L11A000 Functional
HENNEY PENNEY 35482 Functional
HENNEY PENNEY 71T01B019 Functional
HONEYWELL V4185A1000 Functional
HONEYWELL V4185A1010 Functional
HONEYWELL V4185B1008 Functional
HONEYWELL V4185B1016 Functional
HONEYWELL V4185B1024 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225A1002 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225A1028 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225A1044 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225A1051 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225A1077 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225B1000 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225B1018 Functional
HONEYWELL V4225B1026 Functional
HONEYWELL V4227A1000 Functional
HONEYWELL V4227A1018 Functional
HONEYWELL V4227B1008 Functional
HONEYWELL V4227B1016 Functional
HONEYWELL V4249A1004 Functional
HONEYWELL V4249A1012 Functional
HONEYWELL V4249A1020 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1005 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1013 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1021 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1039 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1047 Functional
HONEYWELL V4297A1054 Functional
HONEYWELL V4298A1004 Functional
HONEYWELL V4298A1012 Functional
HONEYWELL V445A1009 Functional
HONEYWELL V445A1017 Functional
HONEYWELL V445A1199 Functional
HONEYWELL V445B1008 Functional
HONEYWELL V445M1170 Functional
HONEYWELL V8185A1001 Functional
HONEYWELL V8185A1019 Functional
HONEYWELL V8185A1035 Functional
HONEYWELL V8185B1009 Functional
HONEYWELL V8185B1017 Functional
HONEYWELL V8205A2005 Functional
HONEYWELL V8205A2013 Functional
HONEYWELL V8205A2021 Functional
HONEYWELL V8205A2039 Functional
HONEYWELL V8205A2047 Functional
HONEYWELL V8247A1000 Functional
HONEYWELL V8247B1005 Functional
HONEYWELL V8457A1026 Functional
HONEYWELL V845A1018 Functional
HONEYWELL V845A1034 Functional
HONEYWELL V845A1133 Functional
HONEYWELL VR400A1016 Functional
HONEYWELL VR400A1024 Functional
HONEYWELL VR400A1032 Functional
HONEYWELL VR4205A1707 Functional
HONEYWELL VR4205A1715 Functional
HONEYWELL VR4450M2035 Functional
HONEYWELL VR4450M2126 Functional
HONEYWELL VR4450M2159 Functional
HONEYWELL VR445M1009 Functional
HONEYWELL VR445M1017 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2001 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2027 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2035 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2043 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2050 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2068 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2076 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2084 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2092 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2100 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2118 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2126 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2134 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2142 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2167 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2175 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2183 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2191 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2209 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2217 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2241 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2258 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2266 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2274 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2282 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2803 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2811 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204A2829 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204H1014 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204H1022 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204H1071 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204H1089 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1000 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1026 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1042 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1059 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1075 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1091 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1117 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1133 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M1141 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M8005 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8204M8013 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2008 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2016 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2024 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2032 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2040 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2065 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2073 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2081 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2099 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2123 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2131 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205A2800 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205H1011 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205H1029 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8205H1052 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8304A2501 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8305M3506 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2001 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2019 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2050 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2076 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2084 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2092 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2100 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2118 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2134 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440A2142 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M1000 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2008 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2016 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2024 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2032 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2040 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2057 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2065 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2073 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2081 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8440M2099 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844A1002 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844A1028 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844A1051 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844A1085 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1014 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1063 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1162 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1170 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1188 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1196 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1220 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1246 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1287 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844M1295 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844N1003 Functional
HONEYWELL VR844R1005 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450A2000 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450A2109 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450A2117 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450M1017 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450M2023 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450M2064 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450M4045 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450M4144 Functional
HONEYWELL VR8450R6003 Functional
HONEYWELL VR845M1013 Functional
HONEYWELL VR884M1006 Functional
LENNOX INDUSTRIES 93G5601 Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H71931C Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H71931C Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H73205B1 Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H73205B2 Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H73205B2 Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H73206B1 Functional
MODINE MFG. 5H73206B1 Functional
MODINE MFG. 71F11A040 Functional
MODINE MFG. 71F11C042 Functional
MODINE MFG. 7E2D5B029 Functional
MODINE MFG. 7E2D5B029 Functional
NORDYNE 6244870 Functional
NORDYNE 65A842723 Functional
NORDYNE 65D340052 Functional
NORDYNE 9107100 Functional
PITCO 71F11A003 Functional
PITCO PP10085 Functional
PITCO PP10086 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 601011 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 601033 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 601170 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 601230 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 601231 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 71T01B004 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 71Y41C034 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 71Y41C034 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 7F4D5B030 Functional
RAYPAK INC. 7F4E9C047 Functional
REZNOR 160-89461 Functional
REZNOR 71P11A000 Functional
RHEEM 60-42462-01 Functional
RHEEM 60-42462-01-00 Functional
RHEEM 60-42462-02 Functional
RHEEM 60-42462-02 Functional
RHEEM 60-42463-01-00 Functional
RHEEM 60-42464-01-00 Functional
RHEEM 71B11A044 Functional
RHEEM 71C11N522 Functional
RHEEM 71C11R523 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7100DER Exact Original control may have slight variances. OBSOLETE 24 VOLT IGNITION VALVE WITH NATURAL GAS REGULATOR.
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11A-003 Exact
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11A-033 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11A-044 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11C-013 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11C-018 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71B-11C-036 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-002 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-004 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-005 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-022 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-023 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01B-038 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01D-024 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01D-029 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71D-01U-039 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-003 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-010 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-022 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-040 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11A-041 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11C-013 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11C-018 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11C-042 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71F-11T-037 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71H11A001 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71H-11A-001 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71J-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71J-11C-018 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71K01B027 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71L-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71M-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71M-11A-010 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71P-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71P-11A-016 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71P-11C-013 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71P-11C-018 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71S-11A-010 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71S-41A-010 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71S-41A-025 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71T-015-019 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71T-01B-004 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71T-01D-031 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71U41L020 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71U-41L-020 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 71V-11A-000 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 72001PER Functional
ROBERTSHAW 720-070 Exact Alternate replacement for most applications
ROBERTSHAW 720-072 Functional Alternate replacement for most applications
ROBERTSHAW 720-080 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 720-080 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7200IPER Exact Original control may have slight variances. 24 VOLT SPARK IGNITION DUAL VALVE WITH NATURAL GAS REGULATOR.
ROBERTSHAW 7A5-A8B-044 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A5B3G006 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A5-B3G-006 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A5-D0A-023 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A5-D6E-041 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A5-D7D-040 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A6-A8B-003 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A6-C3C-017 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7A6-C3C-053 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7B8-A8B-003 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7B8-A8B-054 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7B8-C3C-013 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7C0-A8B-003 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7C0-C3C-017 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7D1-E9C-047 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7D1-E9C-050 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7E2-D5B-029 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7E2-E9C-050 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7E3-E9C-050 Exact
ROBERTSHAW 7E4-D5B-048 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 7E4-E9C-050 Functional
SINGER COMPANY 5H71911C Functional
SINGER COMPANY 5H71912C Functional
SINGER COMPANY 5H73206B Functional
SUPERIOR FIREPLACE 098204 Functional
SUPERIOR FIREPLACE 098235 Functional
TRANE 71C11A000 Functional
UNI-LINE 63504 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345.
UNI-LINE 63505 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345.
UNI-LINE 700-073 Functional
UNI-LINE 700-077 Functional  
UNI-LINE 700-C070 Functional
UNI-LINE 71B11C007 Functional
UNI-LINE 71H11C007 Functional
UNI-LINE 720-073 Functional  
UNI-LINE 7E3D5B029 Exact
UNI-LINE 7E3E9C050 Exact
UNKNOWN 150103-26-01 Functional
UNKNOWN 239-39759-01 Functional
UNKNOWN 239-39759-02 Functional
UNKNOWN 3644932 Functional
UNKNOWN 42046 Functional
UNKNOWN 506300 Functional
UNKNOWN 601012 Functional
UNKNOWN 700-071 Functional  
UNKNOWN 71C11C013 Functional
UNKNOWN 71D01B022 Functional
UNKNOWN 71F11C007 Functional
UNKNOWN 71L11C018 Functional
UNKNOWN 71N41C007 Functional
UNKNOWN 7D1E9C047 Functional
UNKNOWN 7D2E9C050 Exact
UNKNOWN 95P4601 Functional
WEIL MCLAIN 511-044-367 Functional
WELLS MFG. 41882 Functional
WHIRLPOOL G53DBG-2 Functional
WHIRLPOOL G53DBG-3 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36C36-304 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-103 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-105 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-106 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-201 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-204 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-205 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-206 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-221 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-222 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-223 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-225 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-226 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-227 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-233 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-238 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-240 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-241 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-243 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-244 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-245 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-247 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-248 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-257 Functional Replacement is not step-opening.
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-305 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-307 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-308 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E01-310 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-003 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-004 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-1 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-105 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-106 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-2 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-201 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-210 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-216 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-220 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-227 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-230 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-232 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-235 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-237 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-238 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-243 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-244 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-245 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-248 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-252 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-254 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-255 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-256 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-263 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-265 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-266 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-267 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-303 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-304 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 36E36-305 Functional
Cross References provided below are intended to be functional equivalents and not exact matches of products listed. Invensys Controls assumes no liability in connection with the information contained herein and makes no representations regarding the accuracy of any such information. Final selection of a replacement product is the sole responsibility of the buyer.