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About Us

3 Reasons to buy from Air 1 Supply Co:
  1. We're not just a website...We're a REAL store!
  2. We don't just sell our parts...We know how they work, what they're for & what they do!
  3. Your order will come straight from our store, not some fulfillment center in Timbucktoo!
We operate a full time store here in Northeast Louisiana 7:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. It's a true 'Mom & Pop' establishment and we're very proud of our success.  We've been in the HVAC/Appliance Parts business for over 20 years and our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and here to answer your questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any reason.  Emails will always be answered within 24 hours and our phones are open during regular business hours.  Please understand, however, that if a phone call doesn't get answered promptly, we are assisting other customers here in the store and will be available again shortly.

We get many emails asking why our parts are so much cheaper than the other guys', so we've listed the answers to those questions here:

Why are your parts so much cheaper than the other guys', are they used or seconds?
Absolutlely NOT! They are aftermarket, or generic (like the store brand at your local supermarket). Our parts are 100% brand new, first quality. Nothing we sell is used or factory second.

What is the difference between OEM & aftermarket parts?
Basically, nothing. Most aftermarket parts we sell are manufactured in the same factory as the OEMs by the same workers. The only difference is the OEMs get stamped with fancy logos & labels and the aftermarket ones don't.

Why should I buy an aftermarket part over an OEM part? Aren't the OEM parts better?
There is absolutely NO quality difference in the OEM parts & the aftermarket ones. In fact, the OEM parts come with a 90 day warranty, compared to the full 1 YEAR warranty of the aftermarket parts. You do the math...

So, to sum it up...
Other companies need to justify higher prices, so they use the quality issue.  The facts are that 75-80% of our products are manufactured by OEM manufacturers.  YES, this makes them identical parts,  just in different packages.  And YES, they are
10-60% less money than their identical counterparts. The other 20-25% of aftermarket items go through rigorous testing long before they hit the field and no company has yet proven any quality differences.  Knowing the facts, it just makes sense (and cents) to buy identical products for 10-60% off.  After all, we all work hard enough for our money and the more we keep the more we make!